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At Cultivo, we are always looking for new ways to enrich people’s lives while balancing business innovation with sustainability. Bringing disconnected parties together to solve problems for each other is our specialty, and Spotpost is a great example of our ability to do just that. 

Spotpost is a platform we created to benefit both event promoters and the businesses that they distribute their marketing materials through. 

Frustrated with printing and posting flyers around campus, we built a platform for university students to digitally spread flyers across campus using the existing screens on campus. The idea was to save time, refresh physical locations and save an immense amount of paper waste through digital bulletin boards. 

After launching, we quickly learned that most universities have strict long term contracts for their digital signage, making a switch almost impossible. With that, we began to look for other applications for this technology, and given our experience in events and entertainment, we immediately saw where this could be useful. 

Driven by our passion for music and plenty of friends in this space, we learned that the primary marketing channel for these companies is postering. On average, event promoters spend over $600 (and substantial time) to poster events throughout cities. Even with this type of investment, there is no way to track the ROI; it's a complete shot in the dark and remains the industry standard nonetheless. Some venues are moving away from this model due to the tedious nature of postering, yet no replacement for this reach has been found. 

We began focusing on this space by offering free digital signage for local businesses and a simple platform for marketers to digitally poster across an entire city. Businesses who host screens get more flexibility with their content and an upgrade to their locations, while event promoters save time and money and improve their performance analytics. 

Spotpost allows businesses to display anything they would like from digital menus to new announcements in their building. At the same time, we mix in promotions for upcoming events, helping the business build community while providing immense value to marketers. 

Spotpost is one of the largest software projects our team has built and is a great example of how we build fast, elegant, scalable technologies that solves massive issues with simple systems.

Spotpost empowers local businesses with the tools to build a more modern image and build community without breaking the bank on software. At the same time, event promoters get a faster and greener advertising method that makes our city smarter and cleaner.  Our experience in design has given us the ability to look for simple links that solve multiple problems at once and, above all, bring people together. 

As we continue to grow Spotpost, we continue to apply what we’ve learned here to every single project we take on at Cultivo.