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As a company that started on a college campus, we have been heavily involved in the education industry, and Resular, a network for college students to connect to freelance work through their university networks, is a great example of our involvement in this space. Resular is a true college dorm startup story; students solving a problem they had for themselves, building fast and lean, and deploying hard and fast with minimal budget. 

Multi sided networks are inherently difficult to deploy well, and the more moving parts involved, the tougher things get. We began by focusing on the core problem we were looking to solve and the simplest way to solve it. Students lack the professional skills needed to confidently transition into the professional world and are buried in student loan debt. At the same time, small businesses and startups oftentimes need short term help for various projects like lead generation, website development, photography, social media management etc. but often can not compete for recruits with large companies with longstanding university relationships. 

Making the connection between student and small business for freelance work seemed like a logical next step. Build careers, get students paid, help small businesses. Easy!

With so many different uses and stakeholders, we asked ourselves: “how can we make this as simple as possible for everyone involved?” 

We didn't want students to have to constantly check the status of the website and we didn't want the university to feel it was a cumbersome new tool they had to spend time learning to use. We also realized businesses have to pay an absurd amount for many recruiting tools, and most freelance sites can make finding the right person for a project intimidating and vague.

The solution was in automating most of the tasks for businesses, the university and students alike. Students receive all of the resources they need upon signup, and when an organization submits a request to work with students, they immediately see the best students for the job while the qualified students receive the details of the RFP in their email. 

This flow allows the university to defer short term work opportunities to a self sustaining platform and allows students to receive relevant opportunities as they arise, rather than having to constantly watch an unfamiliar platform.

We launched a pilot at the University of Denver in Spring of 2019 and have since built two iterations of the product as we prepare to launch at additional universities. Above all, Resular illustrates our ability to simplify seemingly fragmented challenges by bringing the right people together through great software. We have had to craft tailored marketing kits to each stakeholder group, continuously improve our understanding of each stakeholder, and religiously work to improve a software system designed to make life easier for multiple groups.

In our time developing products and business models, we have learned that a lot of tedious functions can be automated. Whether through software solutions, email, notifications or other means, Cultivo can help your business run as smoothly and simply as possible.