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It takes a healthy dose of perfectionism to create media that speaks to your audience the way you want to. Cultivo began our photo and video production services when we started becoming involved in the food and beverage scene in Denver. While we began with food, as we grew it became more apparent that almost every event, project or marketing campaign we were a part of needed production services. 

Since then, we have produced advertising content for professional sporting events, concerts, political events, campuses, and more. Our process is centered around our expert production team, experienced in both creative arts and professional advertising. Cultivo uses state of the art photo and video equipment to unleash the creative potential of our clients and craft unique digital footprint that resonates with their audience. Capabilities include shooting video in 4k at 60fps, capturing breathtaking footage with drones, events photography, and staging products for marketing purposes. 

Cultivo is excited and passionate about photo and video production and our experience is a case study in the versatility of our capabilities. Whether your business needs a moment captured, a company culture highlighted, a new product showcased or a full advertising campaign, Cultivo Media has always delivered for our partners. 

We are more than just a production team, and would like to show your business how we can help. You can look to our instagram to see some examples, and our photographers’ personal photo accounts are linked there.