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What does it mean to engage people, to bring them together, to influence an audience or enrich their lives? Through our recent dive into influencer marketing, we curate the best food, drinks and experiences in Colorado while offering our audience deals, prizes and experiences to get out more. While executing your social media strategy can be expensive and frustrating, we know how these things work, and when Cultivo acquired Mile High & Hungry, Denver’s #1 rated food Instagram, we more than quadrupled monthly affiliate marketing revenue in two months and organically grew the following by over 6,000 users in six months. 

Our experience with Mile High & Hungry also illustrates the value we bring to our partners who we work with. As we had done a number of client projects for the University of Denver, we began to see how the account could provide value for the University. The account was able to drive substantial sales for a new alumni restaurant pass that the university was offering, and when they approached us about helping grow their curricular options for experiential learning, we worked together to design a class to have students run the account. 

Social media management is a dynamic process. Follower preferences and expectations are constantly changing, as are opportunities over time. It requires a constant effort to improve, and you must surprise and delight followers in new ways to grow social following and engagement. It takes a perfectionist to ensure your content marketing and social media strategies are catered towards market preferences, and we are equipped with the tricks of the trade required to grow organically. 

In managing Mile High and Hungry, Cultivo has created and deployed social media content for companies like Capital One, Ocean Prime, and Patrón Tequila. Cultivo coordinated giveaways for clients, worked with various other social media influencers to grow followers and promoted live events through social media. 

We have also employed an aggressive growth strategy, forming a partner account @milehighandthirsty, increased traffic to our blog and youtube, deployed a new website and branding and formed partnerships across state lines. As the University continues to run the account through a new marketing class, we are actively involved in mentorship and business development to keep our brand thriving.

Content creation is the backbone of our digital marketing strategy, and our photo/video team uses the best equipment and extensive experience to create the best content possible. Capabilities include shooting in 4k at 60fps, capturing breathtaking footage with drones, and staging products for marketing purposes. 

We get it, executing an effective social media strategy can be a headache. Don’t spin your wheels in the sand and let us see how we can help. From content creation to affiliate marketing, strategy and partnerships, we can make your social strategy as easy and powerful as possible.