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Political issues are incredibly complex, often requiring a step back to establish coherent and viable solutions. Problem solving is in our DNA at Cultivo, using agile methodology and design thinking to simplify organizational issues. Cultivo used a human centered design process to craft strong messaging for the Giddy Up political action committee and used primary and secondary research to craft pragmatic and clear policy positions for John Hickenlooper. 

We specialize in community and audience driven projects, and our work with Giddy Up not only involved exploring effective branding and messaging, but also policy research and recommendation. Cultivo was involved early on in the development of Giddy Up’s digital footprint, weighing various possibilities for branding, logos and website layouts, basing our work around community perception and constructive messaging. As passionate citizens, Cultivo also assisted on the Future of Work and Energy & Environment committees of Giddy Up. We conducted research around public policy, utilized various data sources to support necessary research and pulled insights from thought leaders in these areas to craft coherent, actionable policy positions for Governor Hickenlooper. 

While rock solid policy is essential, political efforts will fall short if the message is not delivered effectively. Cultivo has helped in crafting messaging of policy positions to help every US citizen not feel excluded from considerations of policy positions. As marketers, we know how important messaging is in helping ideas flourish. 

We wanted to not only focus on obvious impacts of policy, but on externalities, considering everyone who may be impacted by a policy change. By bringing together different views and forming coherent positions, we were able to participate in a process designed to bring collective good while considering all of the associated impacts. Representatives from every side of the given issues were brought together to help craft realistic and constructive policy recommendations, and we have used this experience to inform our consulting work ever since. 

Running your organization can be complex, and Cultivo has a track record of using primary and secondary research to gain a full understanding of stakeholders and other factors. We are experts in breaking down issues to their cores and bringing people together to form solutions.